Get started today and let us handle the hassle of Coding & QA for you!

A Home Health Ally You Can Trust

Get started today and let us handle the hassle of Coding & QA for you!

A Home Health Ally You Can Trust

OASIS Coding $25

Our team of home health certified coders are expertly trained, specific to home health coding. We have found the coders with previous medical experience makes the best coder. Therefore we require all of our coders to have or previously held a valid nursing license. In addition to having vast medical knowledge and familiarity with home health from a clinical prospective, our coders are required to receive continuous education related to new changes related to ICD-10 as well as the home health industry as a whole. As we like to say, we stay educated, so you don’t have to!

OASIS Review $25

We provide a very comprehensive review to ensure all M-items as well as assessment questions are correctly and consistently filled for accuracy. Accurate and consistent documentation is crucial to minimize ADR’s, decrease audit citations, and ensure that you are recieving the maximum re-imbursement you are entitle to. 

Coding and Review $45

Receive a discount when you combine our coding and review services


Coding, Review and Plan of Care $55

Get our Plan-of-Care review service when you bundle it with our coding and review service, for just a small extra fee. (Click “Plan of Care (Stand Alone)” below to see more information about our Plan of Care service.

Plan of Care (Stand Alone) - Not Available

We review the proposed Plan of Care created by your nurse and compare it to the assessment. We provide feedback regarding the lack of follow-up care proposed as well as items that might not be necessary based on how the patient was assessed.

*This service is only available when packaged with our coding and review

Discharge OASIS Review $40

Reviews conducted to ensure best-practices are followed to improve your agency’s STAR Rating

Routine Note Review (SN, PT, OT & ST) $5

 We can review all your routine notes at a pace that works for you. Typically they get reviewed to completion three days per week. We perform one follow-up review on returned notes to ensure corrections were made. We read the Assessment/ Evaluation as well as the Plan Of Care to ensure the note is documented in accordance with the episode.

Ready to get started, let us know below

Ready to get started, let us know below